Captain Reverend Mother is the online personality of Cynthia Kane, a Unitarian Universalist minister who is a Commander in the US Navy Chaplain Corps. Cynthia first felt called to ministry at age eight, then military chaplaincy during her sophomore year of college. She always wanted to be a parent, though a rare cancer in young adulthood postponed that dream’s reality until 2010 with the birth of her first child. Today, she gratefully lives in the intersection of all three worlds: the ministry, the military, and motherhood.

*** DISCLAIMER: Captain is not the author’s actual military rank. Captain is a rank shared by all branches of military service, so in that sense it is used as a universal term. It also is a common term used for superheroes (e.g. Captain America, Britain, Hammer, Marvel, Planet, Universe, etc.). So for this non-combatant whose only sword is the pen (so to speak), this blog is about commenting upon (and occasionally even countering) everyday events that occur in the author’s three realms of existence: military, ministry, and motherhood. ***


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